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How can I make a "on wear" event listener?


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I've started on a mod which adds armors with special effects and I want to add them as potions effects when they're worn and to make effects disappear when you unequip the armor. Does anyone know how to make a event listener for on wear event (If it exists)?

I'll mention the person that tells me how to make it in the mod thread.

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Well, I guess you could sumulate it, in a way.

Here is the code that makes the enderman check if a player is wearing a pumpkin:



     * Checks to see if this enderman should be attacking this player
    private boolean shouldAttackPlayer(EntityPlayer par1EntityPlayer)
        ItemStack var2 = par1EntityPlayer.inventory.armorInventory[3];

        if (var2 != null && var2.itemID == Block.pumpkin.blockID)
            return false;
            Vec3 var3 = par1EntityPlayer.getLook(1.0F).normalize();
            Vec3 var4 = this.worldObj.getWorldVec3Pool().getVecFromPool(this.posX - par1EntityPlayer.posX, this.boundingBox.minY + (double)(this.height / 2.0F) - (par1EntityPlayer.posY + (double)par1EntityPlayer.getEyeHeight()), this.posZ - par1EntityPlayer.posZ);
            double var5 = var4.lengthVector();
            var4 = var4.normalize();
            double var7 = var3.dotProduct(var4);
            return var7 > 1.0D - 0.025D / var5 ? par1EntityPlayer.canEntityBeSeen(this) : false;



You could add something that checks if the player is wearing a specific armour piece every few seconds, and give them a potion effect if they are wearing it.

width=300 height=100http://i.imgur.com/ivK3J.png[/img]

I'm a little surprised that I am still ranked as a "Forge Modder," having not posted a single mod since my animals mod... I have to complete Digging Deeper!, fast!

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