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Placing a block, clearing inventory.

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I'm creating an item that places blocks from your inventory.


The idea of the item is, if you click side 0, it places on side 1 of the furthest solid block in that direction. If you click side 2, it places on the furthest block on side 3. etc etc.


(So you can stand in one place, and build a line of blocks away from you, above you, or below you, by simply clicking a 'source' block, and it will use your inventory and build out.)


I've built things that place blocks before, no big deal. I was trying to streamline it, put in more checks for world protection, valid placement, and things like that. So I was reusing a bunch of code from ItemBlock.class. Why reinvent the wheel? Use the default minecraft checks to do the heavy lifting.


At the end of the day, my OnUse grabs an ItemStack from inventory, not an ItemBlock. I'm just trying to find the 'hook' that clears the inventory of an item when the itemstack/itemblock stack count ==0;


Sure I could remember what inventory slot I grabbed, and then go back into the player inventory and null that. I'm just looking for a more elegant way of dealing with it, since I don't see any of the default minecraft code using the brute force player.inventory.maineinventory[x] = null;



Is there some method I should call?


Here is what I'm currently doing to place the block, and I'm not sure I like it.


iStack.tryPlaceItemIntoWorld(player, world, myPosX, myPosY, myPosZ, mySide, f1, f2, f3))



It decrements the stack to 0, and all that, it just doesn't destroy the stack from the inventory if I hit 0.



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This does not set the inventory stack to null, it sets your local variable to null.


ItemStack myStack = inventory.getStackInSlot(i);


myStack = null;

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