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[1.8.X]Masks mod


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Hey everyone !


Let me present you my new mod: Masks.

This mod gives you the ability to craft many monsters or animals masks that will give you incredibles power !


To craft these masks, you'll need a life essence. They can be found in mineshafts, nether fortresses and strongholds, but killing any mob can give you one.

The chances to get one by killing a mob is of 1 to 1000, but you can change that in the config file (the lower the nuber is, the higher your chances are).

You can also set/unset an "enchantement" effect with the config file.

Here is what a life essence looks like (with and without the enchantement effect):




Ok, now you have your life essence, you can make your mask. Just add a few clay, and voilà:




Now, bake it in a furnace:



And you have an... an unstrung mask. Just add two strings and your mask is ready, you can even wear it !




Now, here are the different masks:


The Sheep mask:

Do you sometime lay down on your bed and wonder how it feels to be a sheep ? Great, me neither. But I think that a sheep mask is always usefull, especially when it allows you to eat grass blocks. Yep, I'm serious, when you right-click a grass block wearing this mask, you can eat the grass on it, leaving a dirt block !

Craft this mask like this:




The Cow mask:

At first, I wanted to do so any player who use a bucket on a player wearing this mask gets milk, but... No. So the cow mask allows you to eat grass. Not grass blocks. Grass. Here is how you craft it:




The Skeleton mask:

Now, things are getting interesting. With this mask, skeletons won't attack you ! Yeah, they're kind of stupid. I know. But the masks are magic aren't they ?





The Guardian mask:

This mask is to me the best looking mask. It looks Really, really, REALLY nice. Ho, and it allows you to breath underwater, and prevent you from beeing attacked by guardians. I just love it. The only problem is that it's hard to craft, all this prismarine stuff is quite rare.




The Spider mask:

This mask will give you nightvision, a cool spider effect, and a huge headache because of the cool spider effect. If you want to know what the cool spider effect looks like, just check the images at the top of this page. The craft ? Here it is !




The Creeper mask:

This mask can be quite usefull. It prevents creepers from attacking you, and you can ignite them by right clicking on them. I wanted to add the cool creeper shader as a 15$ DLC, but my lawyer told me it was a bad idea, so the cool creeper shader is for free.Here is the craft for this mask:




The Elder Guardian mask:

Studies show that 1 minecraft player out of 5 didn't even know this mob existed. Ok, I made this up, but have you ever seen an elder guardian is survival mode ? Yes ? Then it was probably someon wearing this cool mask ! This mask is like the guardian mask, but also gives you nightvision when your head is in water, and keeps you from being attack by guardians AND elder guardians. Cool, isn't it ? And the craft is SO easy to remeber:




The Enderman mask:

This mask is quite nice. It looks like a very angry enderman. Usefull to scare people, right? Just wear it, and right click on a block with no item in your hand and... tada ! You just picked the block ! Too bad this power costs you 1 level each time you use it... But hey, this mask allows you to take End portal frame blocks in your inventory ! I know you just fell in love with it. Craft the angry enderman mask like this:




The Ghast mask:

Step 1: Craft a Ghast mask

Step 2: Throw fireballs and kill villagers

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit

If you wear this mask, right-clicking with a fire charge in your hand will create a sick fireball that will destroy anything it touches, and throw it in the air. It will cost you 1 xp for each fireball. It may also cost you your house if you're not careful enough...

(Comes with a sick 3D model !)




The Slime mask:

What do you mean "ewww" ?!

This mask will make you realize how hard it is to be a slime: you make disgusting noises when you move, you suffer from a slowness effect... This is a true experience you have to live once in your life. Really.

Oh, did I mention you take less damages when you fall from a high place ?




The Wolf mask:

This is the mask you were all waiting for: wear it, and you are now a real wolf. This mask grants to the ability to eat alive animals: sheeps, cows, pigs, and horses ! Just right clock on them to take a bite out of them. It may kill them though.

(Comes with a sick 3D model !)




Now, a few things about all the masks:

-They are nice and cool

-They have 2HP

-They can be repaired with clay, by a craft, in a workbench (try using a clay mask on an anvil, and tell me by MP in how many pieces it breaks)


Do you want your favorite mob to get a mask ? Vote now by clicking here!



I'll start working on the new masks when 15 people have voted !

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