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[1.9] [Solved] IExtendedEntityProperties in Minecraft 1.9


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Hello, I am currently updating my mod to Minecraft version 1.9, the latest version of Minecraft at this time.  I was updating my class that implements IExtendedEntityProperties, but I got an error that I have no idea how to fix, because it involves methods that were removed in the update.  I have searched around for a bit and could not easily find the replacements for these methods.


The first method is

player.registerExtendedProperties(EXTENDED_PLAYER_PROPERTY, new ExtendedPlayerProperties(player));

player is an object reference to my EntityPlayer while EXTENDED_PLAYER_PROPERTY is the string that identifies my IExtendedEntityProperties.


The same thing applies to the second method:

return (ExtendedPlayerProperties) player.getExtendedProperties(EXTENDED_PLAYER_PROPERTY);

player is again an object reference to my EntityPlayer while EXTENDED_PLAYER_PROPERTY is again the string that identifies my IExtendedEntityProperties.


If you happen to know the replacement methods, please inform me.


The methods that the methods are in (If it matters):


	public static final void register(EntityPlayer player) {
	player.registerExtendedProperties(EXTENDED_PLAYER_PROPERTY, new ExtendedPlayerProperties(player));

public static final ExtendedPlayerProperties get(EntityPlayer player) {
	return (ExtendedPlayerProperties) player.getExtendedProperties(EXTENDED_PLAYER_PROPERTY);



I got this code from coolAlias' IExtendedEntityProperties tutorial found here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/mapping-and-modding-tutorials/1571567-forge-1-6-4-1-8-eventhandler-and

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As far as I am aware IEEP is getting phased out completely. It only took about 1 day for me to switch over to capabilities from IEEP, and that includes the time it took me to understand most of what can be done with them.

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