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[1.9] Projectile Entity ( Disappears right after Right-clicked ) [SOLVED]


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THIS IS SOLVED, if you have same problem upgrading from 1.8.x to 1.9 with projectile entities.

CHECK MY LAST REPLY ( 3rd reply from the post for SOULUTION )




So I am testing simply to re-create "Snowball" from Minecraft. To a new let's say Dirtball.


Everything is copied from Snowball files like EntitySnowBall, ItemSnowBall just edited for my own "Dirtball".


So while the item textures work and throwing it and the end effect touching block and living entities.


But what is not working is that the "dirtball" disappears after it is spawned or rather it becomes INVISIBLE ( not disappears ), becuase the "dirtball" still flies and hits block at the aimed direction it, just the texture of it or rather "entity" projectile becomes invisible until it hits block or entity in which then does the effect and setDead.


Some of my codes:



// Not sure if this line is needed anymore since if I remove it, nothing changes.

EntityRegistry.registerGlobalEntityID(EntityDirtBall.class, "dirtball", EntityRegistry.findGlobalUniqueEntityId());

// This is for texture, because if this is not there texture of the projectile is shown as "white" block or something.

RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityDirtBall.class, new RenderSnowball(Minecraft.getMinecraft().getRenderManager(), TestItems.dirtball, Minecraft.getMinecraft().getRenderItem()));


EntityDirtBall: ( All is copied from Snowball Entity, and edited for custom use, nothing special here )

ItemDirtBall: ( Same thing as EntityDirtBall, all copied from ItemSnowBall and edited for custom use )

TestItems: ( File where item is registered and such, normal stuff, don't think showing this code is necessery )


TestMod: ( base file )


public void init(FMLInitializationEvent event) {
EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(EntityDirtBall.class, "dirtball", 1000, this, 80, 1, true); }


SO as I said before The item / entity Works normally expect for the projectile while it becomes invisible in the air right after right-click.



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public ActionResult<ItemStack> onItemRightClick(ItemStack itemStackIn, World worldIn, EntityPlayer playerIn, EnumHand hand)
	if (!playerIn.capabilities.isCreativeMode)

	worldIn.playSound((EntityPlayer)null, playerIn.posX, playerIn.posY, playerIn.posZ, SoundEvents.entity_snowball_throw, SoundCategory.NEUTRAL, 0.5F, 0.4F / (itemRand.nextFloat() * 0.4F + 0.8F));

		if (!worldIn.isRemote)
			EntityDirtBall entitydirtball = new EntityDirtBall(worldIn, playerIn);
			entitydirtball.func_184538_a(playerIn, playerIn.rotationPitch, playerIn.rotationYaw, 0.0F, 1.5F, 1.0F);

	return new ActionResult(EnumActionResult.SUCCESS, itemStackIn);

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So I was searching around the files and the problem with it is that from 1.8.x versions or lower you have this code here:


This is the code that I had for EntityRegistry from my projectiles:

EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(EntityTest.class, "entitytest", 1000, this, 80, 1, true);


Now in Minecraft 1.9 it seems that you need a bit different numbers on ( int trackingRange, int updateFrequency) which are last 2 numbers:


Solved Code: ( As you can see I changed 80 to 64 ( trackingRange ), and 1 to 10 ( updateFrequency ).

EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(EntityTest.class, "entitytest", 1000, this, 64, 10, true);


If you want to check other Tracking projectiles/entities, there is a file called "EntityTracker" where all Minecraft entities has their trackingrange and so on.


Hope this helps anyone who had the same problem as me.



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