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[1.9] Porting ISBRH


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The model system is good, its just different and seems less powerful.


If your dealing with cubic models json files are the way to go. For other shapes you have B3D and OBJ as options.


IFlexibleBakedModel gives you more power.

For example you can merge multiple json models based on tile entity data.


If you wanted models that you programmatically define like ISBRH, you can define your own BakedQuads and return them in getFaceQuads and getGeneralQuads

A BakedQuad takes; a int array for vertex data (x, y, z, shadeColor, u, v, <unused>), an int for tintindex, and an enumfacing

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That BakedQuad constructor is deprecated, this is the one that is recommended to be used now

public BakedQuad(int[] vertexDataIn, int tintIndexIn, EnumFacing faceIn, TextureAtlasSprite spriteIn, boolean applyDiffuseLighting, net.minecraft.client.renderer.vertex.VertexFormat format)

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