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{1.7.10} Looking for help or mod team


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So as the title says I'm looking for help with my first mod (yeay) there is alot I'm still learning with tutorials and stuff but sadly only so much can be shown/walked through,


So what Im wanting to do is make guis for stuff (that's not to hard tho)

Next is locking stuff, this isdea came from playing thaumcraft and other locking mods, ID like my own foerm of puzzle resurch to unlock machines, tools, and other stuff (not so easy I think)

Next is mob AIs, well I want to have a chest or block spawn monsters but they will do stuff much like a old mod I used (back in the early years of Minecraft) more for example ID want the "mob" to look in the chest for the tool and then take it and start doing there job within the marked area (I have no idea how hard it would be)

World HUD stuff, I like the environment mod where the biome temp and stuff will effect your player but... I don't like how everything gets gravity and the world starts killing it self in a way (should not be to hard I think)

Custom enchants, partical, potions, so this one may be a bit of work but I'd like to add my own enchantments/potion effects for example a fear effect that will stop the player cold in there tracks can't open invi basically kills the keyboard till the effect is over, as for the particals well that's more astetic stuff I wana add

Starting invi, much like tinjers construct I want to give the player a book at the start introducing the player into the mod saying what's all in it and stuff and to give credit to everyone on the mod team


For this interested in joining/making a mod team with me, well I offer this because looking at my note book this mod is bigger then expected and I could use the help, credit will be given in more then one way, not only would you be mentioned in the intro book but I'd like to give all mod team members there own theamed biome and boss mob that rules that biome


So if interested send me a message with what skills you can offer to the team and I'll reply back asap with a yes or no


Thank you to all who apply/reply to this post


PS. this is the exact post from minecraft forms im just being lazy with the typing, and will also be looking at the tuts over here to but still would love the help

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