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[1.9] Minecraft crashes while loading a minecraft world


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First occurrence of the problem,

Tried installing forge, MCA(Minecraft Comes Alive), and RadixCore for minecraft version 1.9, using the lastest build of forge as of 4/25/2016 6:12 pm


OS Windows 10, lastest Java Update, minecraft version 1.9


Forge Version 1.9-forge1.9-


The crash occurred after everything was properly installed and I attempted to create a minecraft world. Minecraft loading screen, 0% shows up, I drop into game with a blank world and game crashes immediately with this log.




I already looked up how to fix the minidump issue and tried to fix that, and looked up other forums regarding issues trying to load up a minecraft world and attempted those fixes.


2nd attempt,


I remove mods RadixCore and MCA, and attempt to create a world and load it up again.


Same crash occurred and the log looks the same as the last one with mods in it.


3rd attempt,


Removed all contents of .minecraft, started up minecraft again and loading only 1.9 vanilla, and loaded the worlds i create earlier with no issues, played for about an hour.


Installed lastest forge as mentioned above with no mods again, and attempted to load those worlds again. Game crashes to similar report.


4th attempt,


My brother with the same operating system as I do, has the lastest minecraft forge and mods mentioned in first attempt and is able to run it properly with no issues and is able to run the server version of forge to and host the modded version.


He hands me a flashdrive with the .minecraft in it. I replace my .minecraft with his and I login to my account and attempt to create a world with his .minecraft files.


I load up a 1.9 minecraft world and same exact issue happens and the same log report pops up.


After looking at the forums, there seems to be no issues regarding my issue that I have found for my version of minecraft forge.


I'm not completely sure as what to do now, and any help regarding the issue would be much appreciated. I can give additional information as needed.

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