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Advanced Model Mesher


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I had an Idea of a complex Item the problem is it would have 2^1536 different combinations whats currently impossible (at least I Couldn't find a way to make it without creating multiple items).


I think this could be solved with an additional map and register method in the ItemModelMesher class, with which we could register Items that have an advanced Model that might also be created during Runtime (using NBT?).

My Idea was that an event gets called when the game asks for the Model for rendering,which could be used to manipulate/replace that model.


This addition might be useful for a bunch of Mods (Tinkers Construct,.... well don't know any other mods with so extremly dynamic items :P or at least don't know their names).

But also for mods that might want to display anything on the Item Model itself instead of an Lore or something (Power Level?)

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