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    I am actually not new but still a newbie in many aspects of forge ^^

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  1. That is not possible, Minecraft creates a texture atlas. You'd have to use bypass that system for .obj models. Which isn't a good thing to do for blocks/items. (I don't think it would even be possible) You can do it for TESRs/entities however, but you'll either have to either redo the uv in the baked .obj model, or handle the loading on your own. Edit: I just now realized how dead this forum is.. I am surprised that the first page still contains posts from... a few months ago)
  2. The reason it's not returning anything from data is because the Client "doesn't know" the data folder. For that you need the integrated server, which is just registered when a player joins singleplayer. (and maybe lan) I haven't figured out how to hook up into it's creation yet. But I'll let you know when I find a way. (On the deticated server it will only return things in the data folder)
  3. You'll probably need some math. What you probably want is kind of a responsive GUI. For example, if you want a button that's always in the top right corner of your screen you'd calculate x and y like this: y = yOffset;. x = this.width - buttonWidht - xOffset; However, the way most guis work everything is centered. So to get the center you'd use: y = this.height / 2; x = this.width / 2; And place your things according to this. This way the items will always stay relative to the center.
  4. That is a Forge only feature, therefore probably not yet updated.
  5. Try to use something like percentages instead of hardcoded pixel values. this.height for example would equals 100% screen height. this.height/2 equals 50% and so on. Edit: Of course that needs dynamic gui creation.
  6. I am feeling so stupid... I tried that but as it looks I had a typo in the modid Even though big thanks ^^ I would probably be searching again for days without this
  7. Heyho, I know this might sound stupid but I would need to change some of my config values from other locations than the default config gui. My research has shown that I need the property, but with the new annotation based configs I am unable to find a way to get them (at least without reflections). Is there maybe a way to change these values without reflections? Thanks in advance.
  8. I guess that's because you added a obfuscated Jar to your Workspace. And default deobfuscation doesn't replace the func stuff with the original method names.
  9. I think you have to set the render size in the tile Entity. You will have to figure the method name out yourself I am currently unable to look at the libraries.
  10. Well. I kind of fixed it.... all I had to do is to pass null as the side on getBakedQuads methods. There are still a few bugs, but as I've been sitting on this for more than 5 days now I will make a break on that.
  11. Ok... it seems that the list never gets filled. There are also no quads during baking. I have no clue why that's not working. I think I have to figure out how that stuff with breakpoints works to find a solution
  12. Latest.log: https://pastebin.com/C3NFivLm fml-client-latest.log: https://pastebin.com/TJ07CDet I have removed a few of the debug messages becase there were over thousand lines for my block D: As I said everything should work. The Models get loaded they just don't render. All I could imagine is to test if the Baked Models do contain any quads D:
  13. @Leviathan143 Thank you! But I figured it already out yesterday night using reflexions. @Jay Avery Ok, so it can find the models and everything there are no more errors. But the problem is that the Block is now invisible D: I've been trying now the whole day to find the cause for this but everything seems right. Here is the source code: https://github.com/DarkRoleplay/Dark-Roleplay-Medieval/blob/1.11/src/main/java/net/dark_roleplay/medieval/client/model_baking/DelayedBakedModel.java
  14. Than why can't you solve a so common problem? That shouldn't be any problem after 300hours of java learning. And in case learning means for you: Watching Youtube tutorials and copying the code, that's not learning.
  15. You should really learn some Java Basics.... The last thing you wrote says it basicly. You cannot pass a string to the method as it requires a Resource Domain. Which is mostly build of your modid and the location of a resource or in this case the registry name of your Item/Block. You should also be able to just call the register method with the item only.
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