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[gamedesign] adding usefull things


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I'm not sure is this is the right place to write this, if not my apologies.


There are many mods that adds alot of stuff to minecraft.

Alot of those added things are very useless in my opinion. For example ORES!


I also want to add some extra ores, not too many, just a few (2-4) to add more fun, but they have to be usefull.

Let's say i add copper and tin and bronze. Where copper and tin are equal to eachother, bronze a bit better then those and iron better then bronze.

The chance a player will craft copper/tin or bronze will be less likely because there is enough iron and iron is better.

The question is, how do i make it usefull? How would i force the player to ise copper and bronze?

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Wait... am I correct in this?

  • Iron is better than any of the metals you want to add
  • You want to force players to use these inferior metals?


Forcing the Copper|Tin<Bronze<Iron level, but want the player to use copper|tin|bronze, is a bit perplexing. Essentially, this is in fact your mindset: "I want you to use the less useful metals, because I say so"

If you want a win|win scenario where you and whoever plays with your mod gets happy, then add something, anything, that has 1, just 1 advantage over iron. Heck, give it 15 disadvantages, as long as it is better than iron for something.


When comparing Iron & Copper in real life, Copper is more malleable, doesn't rust (it does discolour over time though) and is an excellent conductive material. Iron is the harder of the two metals, but also more brittle, leading to the possibility to shatter. While this does not happen in Minecraft, think about it. They are similar, but also very different. Not to speak, pure Iron/Copper tools are quite rudimentary. When making tools, we combine various metals into alloys, to make them less brittle, or more conductive, or more durable, or even softer! It all depends on what task this thing is for.

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