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[1.7.10] ASM. Class Transformer. Coremod. A few questions


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Q1: Do I really need to setup a separate project for coremod? I just need to alter one forge method, literally one :(


Q2: How can I reference code between the core and standard mods?

Can I reference the code both ways? Since these two exist in separate projects I just have troubles imagining how it should work... will putting the compiled jar in Referenced Libraries get the job done? Honestly I don't even think that I could compile a mod with unresolved reference, so... only one way referencing, I guess?


Q3: How can I release the coremod and standard mod in the same jar package?

I found this: "Optionally, setting FMLCorePluginContainsFMLMod: true, distributes both the core mod and FML mod in a single jar." from http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Core_Mod but I am not sure how to utilize this enigmatic instruction. Does it mean that I need to have both coremod and standard mod projects in the workspace? Honestly I never tried to have more than one mod project in the same workspace, is there anything I should know about it?


PS: Since some of you would propably like to know what I am trying to achieve, here is a cookie for you:

I want to add a few instructions at the beginning of TileEntityBrewingStand.canBrew() corresponding to, more or less, this code:

if(mahpackage.blah.BrewingStandRecipesMaker.matchesAnyRecipe(brewingItemStacks)) return true;


Any help would be appreciated  ;D

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