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[1.8][Solved]Loading Variants of the same block


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I'm trying to create a wooden wall block that is a pane type block. I've written the code for the pane block and it works fine. The issue is, I want to create a wall block type for each type of wood in the game without coding each type individually. I have written a wood type class to store the wood types I want to use. How can I get all of the types to load in game using only one registry entry.





Block Class:



ModPaneBlock Class:


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I've redone the WoodWall class. The game doesn't load if I try to make the WoodWall class extend BlockPane, but it does load if I just extend WoodWall from Block. When I extend the class from the Block class, 5 of the 6 blocks show up as type birch which is not what I want.


New WoodWall.class








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Originally I was going to use a switch statement, but decided against it.



I don't know. I wasn't really thinking about what I was doing at the time.


The only thing left I can't figure out is why I can't make this a PaneBlock.

What's stopping you? (Hint: "it crashes" is not an answer to this question).


Nothing is stopping me. I just have to figure out why exactly the game is crashing.




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I looked through the vanilla blockstates and models for the different stained glass panes. Each variant of the pane has it's own blockstate and each has 12 model jsons. I tried to do this for my panes as well and the models won't load. The inventory models load, but when placed in the world the block models don't load.


Block Rendering Class



Log when launching the game: (not sure if you needed this, but I included it anyway)



BlockState json for oak variant



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    • It worked thanks a lot ❤️ I'm gonna paste all of my code for anyone in the future looking to do capabilities package com.chickenwand3.rpgmod.core.capabilities.entity; import javax.annotation.Nullable; import net.minecraftforge.common.capabilities.Capability; import net.minecraftforge.common.capabilities.CapabilityManager; import net.minecraftforge.common.capabilities.CapabilityToken; import net.minecraftforge.common.capabilities.ICapabilityProvider; public class CapabilityMobLevel{ public static Capability<MobLevel> MOB_LEVEL_CAPABILITY = CapabilityManager.get(new CapabilityToken<>() {}); public static void register() { CapabilityManager.INSTANCE.register(MobLevel.class); } } package com.chickenwand3.rpgmod.core.capabilities.entity; public class DefaultMobLevel implements MobLevel { public int mobLevel; public float mobMaxHealth; public float mobCurrentHealth; public boolean crazy; public boolean isCrazy() { return crazy; } public float getMaxHealth() { return mobMaxHealth; } public float getCurrentHealth() { return mobCurrentHealth; } } package com.chickenwand3.rpgmod.core.capabilities.entity; public interface MobLevel { } package com.chickenwand3.rpgmod.core.capabilities.entity; import com.chickenwand3.rpgmod.RPGMod; import net.minecraft.resources.ResourceLocation; import net.minecraft.world.entity.Entity; import net.minecraft.world.entity.Mob; import net.minecraft.world.entity.ai.attributes.Attributes; import net.minecraft.world.entity.animal.Animal; import net.minecraft.world.entity.monster.Zombie; import net.minecraft.world.item.enchantment.Enchantments; import net.minecraftforge.common.capabilities.RegisterCapabilitiesEvent; import net.minecraftforge.event.AttachCapabilitiesEvent; import net.minecraftforge.event.entity.EntityJoinWorldEvent; import net.minecraftforge.event.entity.living.LivingDeathEvent; import net.minecraftforge.eventbus.api.SubscribeEvent; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.Mod; @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = RPGMod.MODID, bus = Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.FORGE) public class MobLevelEventHandler { @SubscribeEvent public static void onAttachCapabilitiesEvent(AttachCapabilitiesEvent<Entity> event) { if (event.getObject() instanceof Mob && !event.getObject().getCommandSenderWorld().isClientSide) { MobLevelProvider providerMobLevel = new MobLevelProvider(); event.addCapability(new ResourceLocation(RPGMod.MODID, "moblevel"), providerMobLevel); event.addListener(providerMobLevel::invalidate); } } @SubscribeEvent public void registerCaps(RegisterCapabilitiesEvent event) { event.register(MobLevel.class); } @SubscribeEvent public static void OnSpawn(final EntityJoinWorldEvent event) { if (event.getEntity()instanceof Mob target && !event.getWorld().isClientSide) { target.getCapability(CapabilityMobLevel.MOB_LEVEL_CAPABILITY).ifPresent(mobLevel -> { DefaultMobLevel actualMobLevel = (DefaultMobLevel) mobLevel; if (actualMobLevel.mobLevel < 1) { actualMobLevel.mobLevel = (randomizeMobLevel()); } if (superCrazy(actualMobLevel.mobLevel)) { actualMobLevel.crazy = true; } if (actualMobLevel.crazy) { if (!target.getMainHandItem().isEmpty()) { target.getMainHandItem().enchant(Enchantments.FIRE_ASPECT, 1); } if (event.getEntity()instanceof Zombie zombie) { zombie.getAttribute(Attributes.SPAWN_REINFORCEMENTS_CHANCE).setBaseValue(0.99D); } System.out.println("Super Crazy " + target.getName() + " has spawned!"); } actualMobLevel.mobMaxHealth = (target.getMaxHealth() * actualMobLevel.mobLevel * 2); actualMobLevel.mobCurrentHealth = actualMobLevel.mobMaxHealth; target.getAttribute(Attributes.MOVEMENT_SPEED) .setBaseValue(target.getAttributeValue(Attributes.MOVEMENT_SPEED) * (1 + (actualMobLevel.mobLevel - 1.0) / 10.0)); if (target.getAttribute(Attributes.ATTACK_DAMAGE) != null) { target.getAttribute(Attributes.ATTACK_DAMAGE) .setBaseValue(target.getAttributeValue(Attributes.ATTACK_DAMAGE) * (1 + (actualMobLevel.mobLevel - 1.0) / 2.0)); } }); } } private static int randomizeMobLevel() { boolean roll = true; int level = 1; while (roll) { if (Math.random() > .5) { level += 1; roll = true; } else { roll = false; } } return level; } private static boolean superCrazy(int level) { boolean result = false; if (level >= 5) { if (Math.random() < .25) { result = true; } else result = false; } return result; } } package com.chickenwand3.rpgmod.core.capabilities.entity; import net.minecraft.core.Direction; import net.minecraft.nbt.CompoundTag; import net.minecraftforge.common.capabilities.Capability; import net.minecraftforge.common.capabilities.ICapabilitySerializable; import net.minecraftforge.common.util.LazyOptional; import javax.annotation.Nonnull; import javax.annotation.Nullable; public class MobLevelProvider implements ICapabilitySerializable<CompoundTag> { private final DefaultMobLevel mobLevel = new DefaultMobLevel(); private final LazyOptional<MobLevel> mobLevelOptional = LazyOptional.of(() -> mobLevel); public void invalidate() { mobLevelOptional.invalidate(); } @Nonnull @Override public <T> LazyOptional<T> getCapability(@Nonnull Capability<T> cap, @Nullable Direction side) { return mobLevelOptional.cast(); } @Override public CompoundTag serializeNBT() { System.out.println("It serialized"); if (CapabilityMobLevel.MOB_LEVEL_CAPABILITY == null) { System.out.println("It made a new compound"); return new CompoundTag(); } else { System.out.println("It serialized the values"); CompoundTag compoundNBT = new CompoundTag(); compoundNBT.putInt("mobLevel", mobLevel.mobLevel); compoundNBT.putFloat("mobCurrentHealth", mobLevel.mobCurrentHealth); compoundNBT.putFloat("mobMaxHealth", mobLevel.mobMaxHealth); compoundNBT.putBoolean("crazy", mobLevel.crazy); return compoundNBT; } } @Override public void deserializeNBT(CompoundTag nbt) { System.out.println("It deserialized"); if (CapabilityMobLevel.MOB_LEVEL_CAPABILITY != null) { System.out.println("It deserialized the values"); mobLevel.mobLevel = (nbt.getInt("mobLevel")); float mobCurrentHealth = nbt.getFloat("mobCurrentHealth"); mobLevel.mobCurrentHealth = (mobCurrentHealth); float mobMaxHealth = nbt.getFloat("mobMaxHealth"); mobLevel.mobMaxHealth = (mobMaxHealth); boolean crazy = nbt.getBoolean("crazy"); mobLevel.crazy = (crazy); } } }  
    • Just uploaded the correct installer from win machine to ubuntu via winscp. Sorry, didn't check the checksum. Very strange behavior :( Thank you!
    • I just tried it with both 36.2.0 and 36.2.19 using wget and the direct downloads. Both worked fine for me, giving me the correct MD5 sum. This is something on your machine.
    • And it's very strange, that if I try to download several times, this md5sum stays the same (6ecbb611d38ecd2c7bed8e1900e5dfc7).  
    • Wow! md5sum forge-1.16.5-36.2.0-installer.jar 6ecbb611d38ecd2c7bed8e1900e5dfc7  forge-1.16.5-36.2.0-installer.jar which doesn't align with original f2e0b8b9c7634fc854ce566f392dcded *forge-1.16.5-36.2.0-installer.jar and which is in my win download... Can you suggest what to use instead of wget?
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