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[1.7.10] Saving data to a file?


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Hi, I'm creating a custom mod for my server, because the use of KCauldron for plugin functionality seems to break a lot of things. Anyways, I'm currently working on a module for creating and managing sky islands for my skyfactory server. I have a command for people to create islands, but once the island is created, I want to somehow save the name of the island and it's coordinates so I can access it later. I considered storing it in player NBT data, but then the islands would have to be assigned to players and they would need to be online. I suppose I could also save it to the world's NBT data, but then if a player is in a different world and tries to access it, there may be problems. How can I save the data so that I can access it later?

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Simply save it to file using standard IO operations.


If you want to utilize NBT use CompressedStreamTools.


Coords can be saved server-wise (not per-world) in some static class/map/list.

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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