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How to make a block


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I've been searching, on and off, for DAYS for a tutorial on how to make a block.

I've searched this forum and also google, with no luck.

I'm looking for a tutorial for 1.9 using blockstates and not using deprecated methods like registerBlock() or setBlockTextureName().


I'm sure there's a tutorial somewhere, right? Anyone know?

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May the luck was not on your side, but within two seconds of googling I found this:




Happy coding

Sincerely -pick


Great, thanks! :D

It might help me with stuff, however looking at the block tutorial, I've already done what's in the tutorial and it's not working. The block is not ingame, neither as /give or in the creative menu (which I have put it in).


I do have an item working so I have the basics done and working.


My code (simplified) is like:


The main class calls proxy stuff. CommonProxy.preInit() calls BlockManager.createBlocks() which does:


GameRegistry.register(clinkerBrickBlock = new ClinkerBricks());


and the block class is:


[snip imports...]


public class ClinkerBricks extends Block{

    public ClinkerBricks() {

        this("clinker_bricks", Material.rock);



    public ClinkerBricks(String name, Material material) {









That's the correct chain of events to register a block, right?

Registering it twice crashes with "already registered that name" error, so the registering goes through, but it doesn't show up ingame. I don't even care about textures right now, I just wanna see that sweet, sweet black/magenta checker pattern  ;)

This is so basic that I'm embarrased, but I'm not getting it to work  :-[


Any thoughts?

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Did you register an ItemBlock? Because if you don't, your Block can only exist placed down in the world.


Ah! I did not do that. Didn't know it was a thing. Looking for tutorials about the relation of blocks and ItemBlock: can't find any xD My google-fu must suck, or are there generally not many detailed tutorials available?


I took a shot in the dark: saw something about registering ItemBlock(this) so I threw

GameRegistry.register(new ItemBlock(this), getRegistryName());

into the constructor of my block and it works! :D


Textures next! It's going slow but I'm making progress! :D


Thansk again!

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