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Will Compiling Wreck My Mod?


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hey guys. I just wanted to ask a question that I think many budding mod developers may wish to know, if i compile my mod to be run on minecraft.. will it re obfuscate all my code and will i have to decompile it again to edit? or does it compile i COPY of my code and leave my code still editable?


Thanks.. -Chase

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Compiling changes your code from human read .java files to a computer read .jar with class files etc. For what it means to a beginner user using MinecraftCoderPack is just to check your code for errors, although it does a lot more. After that all it needs is obfuscating to be able to be compatible with Minecraft's obfuscated code. Recompiling will not delete your code for the compiled code, it will leave your source as it was before.

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