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[1.7.10] [SOLVED] onDeath event not triggering


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I found the mistake was checking for King instead of Queen because I had some other things with King so I need to have another event I suppose for two different entities


No event is triggered. Is something wrong with my code?( yes I check for King ...then Queen)


public void onEntityTobieKingDeath(LivingDeathEvent event){
	if (!event.entityLiving.worldObj.isRemote ){
	if(!(event.entityLiving instanceof EntityTobieKing)){
	if (event.entityLiving instanceof EntityTobieQueen){
		DamageSource source = event.source;
		EntityTobieQueen queen = (EntityTobieQueen) event.entityLiving;		
		if (source.getEntity() instanceof EntityPlayer) {
			EntityPlayer sourcePlayer = (EntityPlayer) source.getEntity();
			sourcePlayer.addStat(GlistreMod.mobKillAchievement_1, 1);	
					new ChatComponentText(EnumChatFormatting.GOLD + "YOU KILLED THE EVIL TOBIE QUEEN ELIZABETH!!!!"));
			sourcePlayer.addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(Potion.fireResistance.id, 2500, 0));



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Is it not triggering as in method is not even called? In that case - did you register event class?


Else (it is called, just doesn't do stuff) at what point it doesn't?

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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Is it not triggering as in method is not even called? In that case - did you register event class?


Else (it is called, just doesn't do stuff) at what point it doesn't?


Methinks registered okay ...I have this in init of my main class and the event seems to work when I tried other methods just not

with the method #addstat or #addPotionEffect  or #addChat


Seems like it's just not picking up the player who kills the mod

GlistreEventHandler handler = new GlistreEventHandler();


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Your logic appears to be problematic:

if(!(event.entityLiving instanceof EntityTobieKing)){
return; // returning if entity is not an EntityTobieKING
if (event.entityLiving instanceof EntityTobieQueen){ // how will this ever be true???

Unless EntityTobieQueen extends EntityTobieKing, that second statement will never be true.

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    • What MC version? What's the IP? Are any mods needed to be able to join?
    • Thank you for your answer ! Unfortunatly i have the same problem when i use setPos() public static int movingfunction(CommandContext<CommandSourceStack> context){ CommandSourceStack source = context.getSource(); if (!(source.getEntity() instanceof ServerPlayer)) { return 0; } ServerPlayer player = (ServerPlayer ) source.getEntity(); double moveSpeed = 0.5; for (int i =0; i<10000;i++) { LOGGER.info("running for the {} time", i); double x = player.getX() + player.getViewVector(1.0f).x * moveSpeed; double y = player.getY(); double z = player.getZ() + player.getViewVector(1.0f).z * moveSpeed ; Vec3 movementVec = new Vec3(x, y, z); LOGGER.info("x ={} y ={} z ={}", x, y, z); player.setPos( movementVec); } return 1; } With the logs i can see that x and z are increasing but once again my player is not moving. is there a function to use to sync the server and the client ? I also tried to use LocalPlayer instead of ServerPlayer but my code would stop when i got the object. Also i will change a bit the main topic but is there a way to similate key press ? i found KeyBinding.setKeyBindState on others post but it look like there is no more KeyBinding in 1.20   I found this code : KeyMapping.click(Minecraft.getInstance().options.keyUp.getKey()); But it doesn't seems to work   And i found this one : Minecraft.getInstance().options.keyUp.setDown(true); wich works but doesn't exactly do what i want , it doesn't release the key so for exemple i can't make him run. Minecraft.getInstance().options.keyUp.setDown(true); Minecraft.getInstance().options.keyUp.setDown(false); Minecraft.getInstance().options.keyUp.setDown(true); doesn't make him run
    • Add crash-reports with sites like https://paste.ee/ Maybe an issue with blur, essentials or cumulus_menus
    • Add the crash-report or latest.log (logs-folder) with sites like https://paste.ee/ and paste the link to it here  
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