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Forge Handlers and WorldGenMinable


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Hi all,

I have two mostly unrelated questions. The first:

Minecraft Forge offers a number of handlers -- events, world gen, gui, etc.  Can a single class implement all of them?

That is, would a class like this:

public class ForgeHandlers implements IWorldGenerator, IGuiHandler{

public void generate(/* parameters snipped */)
//World Generation

public Object getClientGuiElement(/* parameters snipped */)
//Gui stuff

public void entityDeath(EntityDeathEvent event)
//Event stuff

Work?(outside unimplemented methods and syntax problems)


Also: Where in minecraft's code is WorldGenMinable used?  I want an example of how its used (I'm adding a custom ore I want to be a little rarer than iron, and want a few examples to get started), but can't actually find any.

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Yes, the class would work fine as long as you register it with the GuiRegistry, etc, and you'd probably want a normal worldgen tutorial (wuppy's tutorials or the wiki). AFAIK WorldGenMinable is just a world generator for ores.

Protip: try and find answers yourself before asking on the forum.

It's pretty likely that there is an answer.


Was I helpful? Give me a thank you!



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