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FMLSecurityManager : IndexOfOfBoundException


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I've found a IndexOfBoundException in FMLSecurityManager#checkPermission(Permission).


    public void checkPermission(Permission perm)


        String permName = perm.getName() != null ? perm.getName() : "missing";

        if (permName.startsWith("exitVM"))


            Class<?>[] classContexts = getClassContext();

            String callingClass = classContexts.length > 3 ? classContexts[4].getName() : "none";

            String callingParent = classContexts.length > 4 ? classContexts[5].getName() : "none";

            // FML is allowed to call system exit and the Minecraft applet (from the quit button)

            if (!(callingClass.startsWith("net.minecraftforge.fml.")

                    || "net.minecraft.server.dedicated.ServerHangWatchdog$1".equals(callingClass)

                    || "net.minecraft.server.dedicated.ServerHangWatchdog".equals(callingClass)

                    || ( "net.minecraft.client.Minecraft".equals(callingClass) && "net.minecraft.client.Minecraft".equals(callingParent))

                    || ("net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer".equals(callingClass) && "net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer".equals(callingParent)))



                throw new ExitTrappedException();



        else if ("setSecurityManager".equals(permName))


            throw new SecurityException("Cannot replace the FML security manager");





Could you fix it ? Or do you know where I can do a pull request ?


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Hypotheticals are not real issues.

Come back with an actual stack trace.

I can see what you're trying to say however The ifs themselves should never actually be needed as nothing in the MC codebase should be that shallow.


I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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Well, I'm trying to make a custom JUnit test runner to use JUnit for mods tests which required a operationnal Minecraft Server.

So I'm calling GradleStartServer from my custom JUnit test runner. This appears when Eclipse plugin for JUnit call System.exit() when all test are executed.

So anyway, I have to completly bypass the security manager using ASM.


But, your project is open source, I spend free time to make a contribution to improve your code by avoiding this exception for futur case for example.

It's not usefull for me, because as I said before, I need to completely bypass the SecurityManager.

Maybe it should never be called by usual mod, but it could.

When this method is called and the call stack is < 5 it will always crash, this is not hypothetical.


Here my crash log :

Exception in thread "main" [22:32:28] [main/INFO] [sTDERR]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:-1]: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 5
[22:32:28] [main/INFO] [sTDERR]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:-1]: 	at net.minecraftforge.fml.relauncher.FMLSecurityManager.checkPermission(FMLSecurityManager.java:21)
[22:32:28] [main/INFO] [sTDERR]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:-1]: 	at java.lang.SecurityManager.checkExit(Unknown Source)
[22:32:28] [main/INFO] [sTDERR]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:-1]: 	at java.lang.Runtime.exit(Unknown Source)
[22:32:28] [main/INFO] [sTDERR]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:-1]: 	at java.lang.System.exit(Unknown Source)
[22:32:28] [main/INFO] [sTDERR]: [java.lang.ThreadGroup:uncaughtException:-1]: 	at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.junit.runner.RemoteTestRunner.main(RemoteTestRunner.java:197)



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