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gradlew DecompWorkspace failure


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So I manage to setup the forge 1.10.2 recommended version and also setup the java sdk and jre. Fixed the path to the correct 1.80.XX numbers and several other stuff. I go to the folder to setup my workspace for Eclipse opened the command window and typed in "gradlew setupDecompWorkspace"


But whenever I setup my workspace it stops at 56% percent building process... I waited for like 10 more minutes to 1 hour but its still stuck.


Then I typed in another command "gradlew setupDecompWorkspace eclipse" and an error popped-up as it went to the 56% mark. Saying


"Execution failed for task ":decompileMC

GC Overhead limit exceeded"


I tried the "--stacktrace" and "--info" and "--debug" but they all don't know what commands those are even if they suggested me to do it.

Is there any fix for this?

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