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Allow folders in mods folder?


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Now please don't get mad at me, as this is just something that came up out of my mind for no reason whatsoever and probably is a really bad idea, BUTTTTTTTTT


Is there a way we can make it possible where we can have folders in the mods folder? So I know how there are the 1.10.2 folders and so on, but us being able to sort our mods (for modpacks or whatever), by putting them in folders. Like, we could call a folder "Client Side Mods" and then have another folder for "GUI Addons" and then "Magical Stuff"...


I don't know, it's just an idea.

I am on my journey of making a remake of matmos, as explained here.

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No, that just gets to complicated.

What you SHOULD do if you want to do things properly, is use the mod_list.json and store all your mods in your libraries folder.

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