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Enchantment Shine


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I have two feature requests:

1) The ability to have an item return a custom color for the enchantment glow, taking the itemstack as a parameter

2) The ability to put the enchantment glow on blocks (for inventory and entity and held, not placed)

I have some prototype code for this that I can work on making into a forge pull request, but I am unsure of how to make sure I follow all the conventions.

If I should submit my code, then how should I let the item set the color? Should I have it call GL11.setColorf or should it return an int or somesuch?

Thank you,

Sound Logic

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I currently am using an IItemRenderer, but my objection is that it requires rewriting the entire item rendering sequence, doesn't permit any good way to interact with any other custom item rendering behaviors, and on the whole seems a bit much for a single color parameter. I am also working on putting the enchantment glow code in an itemblock renderer, but this seems like something other people could take advantage of.

As I said, I can try to make a forge pull request if I could be told how it would be recommended that the color be communicated

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