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[1.7.10] Using Optional Dependency


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So I'm trying to use WorldEdit as an optional dependency, but I'm having some ClassNotFound exceptions.


I have WorldEdit declared as an optional dependency in my main class

dependencies = "required-after:Forge@[,);after:WorldEdit")

And also have it as a compile dependency in my build.gradle

compile files('lib/worldedit.jar')

It compiles fine with no errors, but then when I run it (with WorldEdit in the mods folder) it gives me a ClassNotFoundException.


Here's the error: (only my mod and WorldEdit in the mods folder)



I'm using one import for the ForgeWorldEdit main class in my main mod class and there's one other class that simply implements the WorldEdit permissions interface. And all that does is define the methods. If you'd like to see that I can post it.


What am I doing wrong here? I can't figure it out. Thank you for any help!

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