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The X-ray thread, a question regarding the cheating aspect


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Well, In my mod I'm planning I will be adding X-ray functionality, however it will not be free, it will cost the energy that will be coming in my mod.


My question is, do people class this as cheating still? Or would you think that this is ok?


I agree that X-ray mods are shockingly bad cheating wise, especially the smp aspect

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Like a compass or metal detector? Doesn't sound like an Xray mod but would be easier and less overpowered. If your still think of showing ores like Xray style the best thing you can do is give a visual mark on the screen. Inorder to actual show the ores you would end up showing them all since Xray simple gets Ores to render at all times and the ground to be see threw. Very simple cheat tbh.

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