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  1. overmind, make an online spreadsheet for people to input their mods block IDs into, then other devs can pick theirs accordingly based on the features added in their mod
  2. have a look here that helped me when i was looking into dimensions
  3. it shouldnt be too hard to make if youre willing to have both mods loaded at once, use world edit
  4. if (isOp(par3EntityPlayer)) { } should work also, take your stuff out of net.minecraft.src
  5. we need code, also paste the full crashlog
  6. thanks for posting that cpw, i looked all over for it to send him, and you werent on irc
  7. its called mcmod.info, and its placed in your mods zip or jar (in the mods folder)
  8. do the EnumAction.bow aswell, if not theres other things you can try
  9. you can always do it a different way, have a play around with it for example, if youre not bothered about durability, make it add damage stuff while using it, then set the texture based on damage values. but remember to set the damage back to 0 when released
  10. no, its always called mcmod
  11. i havent done this myself, but just looking at the code you should look at this method /** * returns the action that specifies what animation to play when the items is being used */ public EnumAction getItemUseAction(ItemStack par1ItemStack) { return EnumAction.bow; } you should probably make a custom EnumAction with your bow in
  12. right, well firstly look in the dimension manager class, if you know how to code, you should be able to understand what to do by looking in there
  13. dimensions with forge are very easy. post what you currently have and ill help you out with the rest (i believe you sent me a message on MinecragtForums aswell
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