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How do ic reate a Forge Server that...


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Will work the plugin GriefPrevention


want to be 1.8.9 or 1.10.2


i can get craft bukkit ones working, but i cant get a forge one working, and without forge i cant run the mod Pixelmon, however i want to use GriefPrevention for plot claims and to protect spawn from grief


so basically


how i get a


Minecraft: 1.8.9

Pixelmon: 4.2.7

Plugin: GriefPrevention


to work in one server.

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i got it working, but now it not protecting pixelmon blocks, so how do i add pixelmon blocks to the griefprevention mod, so they cant be destroyed


yeah found out only some blocks are destroyable in the claim, even if u put a redstone block at left side for example and one at right, set claim to cover both, it then elts u destroy right one but not left one


so dunno whats going on

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After week of trying, i finally got GriefPrevention and pixelmon working together


however GriefPrevention isnt protecting some things, i made a example video, to show what is going on



ignore the jumping, it didnt jump ingame at all, but the recording apparently jumps.

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