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Forge for newer Minecraft installations?


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Hi there,


approx. a year ago I bought Minecraft. It came with a local Java, that is started when Minecraft starts and closed, when Minecraft closes. Now that I am more familiar with the game I would like to uses mods, and I was directed to Forge. I have downloaded the correct version both, as windows installer and as jar file.


But I can't find any instructions to install Forge with my newer Minecraft installation. All the help I found is about a global Java. But I like the way, Minecraft handles the local Java, it gives me more security. I tried the windows installer of Forge first, but (of course) it couldn't find Java.


I then used the command window to run the Forge .jar file with the local java. It tells about files missing, and since I don't know how to save that as text, I made a screenshot.




To cut a long story short: Is there any trick that would allow to install Forge with the local JRE? Or do I have to continue playing vanilla?

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Run the installer jar, not the universal jar.

The universal runs the minecraft server and requires extra libraries, as the error states.


I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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You sir just saved my day! Worked like a charm.


I'm also pretty thankful that I wasn't banned, although I now understand the second sentence in the eaq...


But hopefully a lot more people will have it easier now by finding this thread and just do what I did:


Use the command window and change directory to your local java install

Use the command java.exe -jar "insert path to your forge installer jar"


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