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[1.10.2] Render block at a different place


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I'm working on implementing custom airships for my mod, something like http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1289952-archimedes-ships-v1-7-banking-ships but I'm stuck on how to render blocks at different position than they acctually are.


I have managed to locate code that is likely responsible for rendering blocks inside RenderChunk class, extend from that class, and have my own code executed. I have copied the original code, and tried to modify it so that each block gets rendered at a position 16 blocks higher than it should be, but with no effect.


I know that this is a difficult task, but if someone knows something of use, any help would be appriciated.


Here is my code so far:


    public void rebuildChunk1(float x, float y, float z, ChunkCompileTaskGenerator generator) {
        CompiledChunk compiledchunk = new CompiledChunk();
        int i = 1;
        //L.d("Getting position");
        BlockPos blockpos = Util.getField(thiz, "position");
        //L.d("Position get");
        BlockPos blockpos1 = blockpos.add(15, 15, 15);

        try {
            if (generator.getStatus() != ChunkCompileTaskGenerator.Status.COMPILING) {

        } finally {

        VisGraph lvt_9_1_ = new VisGraph();
        HashSet lvt_10_1_ = Sets.newHashSet();

        ChunkCache region = Util.getField(thiz, "region");

        if (!region.extendedLevelsInChunkCache()) {
            boolean[] aboolean = new boolean[blockRenderLayer.values().length];
            BlockRendererDispatcher blockrendererdispatcher = Minecraft.getMinecraft().getBlockRendererDispatcher();
            BlockPos.MutableBlockPos renderPos = new MutableBlockPos();
            BlockPos.MutableBlockPos renderPos0 = new MutableBlockPos(blockpos);
            renderPos0.add(0, 16, 0);

            for (BlockPos.MutableBlockPos blockpos$mutableblockpos : BlockPos.getAllInBoxMutable(blockpos, blockpos1)) {
                //renderPos.add(0, 16, 0);
                //L.d("REndering in: " + blockpos$mutableblockpos);

                IBlockState iblockstate = region.getBlockState(blockpos$mutableblockpos);
                Block block = iblockstate.getBlock();

                if (block == Blocks.GOLD_ORE) {
                    L.d("Gold confirmed");
                //L.s("block state: " + iblockstate);

                if (iblockstate.isOpaqueCube()) {

                /*if (block.hasTileEntity(iblockstate)) {
                    TileEntity tileentity = region.func_190300_a(blockpos$mutableblockpos, Chunk.EnumCreateEntityType.CHECK);
                    if (tileentity != null) {
                        TileEntitySpecialRenderer<TileEntity> tileentityspecialrenderer = TileEntityRendererDispatcher.instance.<TileEntity>getSpecialRenderer(tileentity);
                        if (tileentityspecialrenderer != null) {
                            if (tileentityspecialrenderer.isGlobalRenderer(tileentity)) {

                for (BlockRenderLayer blockrenderlayer1 : BlockRenderLayer.values()) {
                    if (!block.canRenderInLayer(iblockstate, blockrenderlayer1))
                    int j = blockrenderlayer1.ordinal();

                    if (block.getDefaultState().getRenderType() != EnumBlockRenderType.INVISIBLE) {
                        net.minecraft.client.renderer.VertexBuffer vertexbuffer = generator.getRegionRenderCacheBuilder().getWorldRendererByLayerId(j);

                        if (!compiledchunk.isLayerStarted(blockrenderlayer1)) {
                            //thiz.preRenderBlocks(vertexbuffer, blockpos);
                            Util.callMethod1(thiz, "preRenderBlocks", vertexbuffer, renderPos0);

                        aboolean[j] |= blockrendererdispatcher.renderBlock(iblockstate, renderPos, region, vertexbuffer);

            for (BlockRenderLayer blockrenderlayer : BlockRenderLayer.values()) {
                if (aboolean[blockrenderlayer.ordinal()]) {
                    Util.callMethod1(compiledchunk, "setLayerUsed", blockrenderlayer);

                if (compiledchunk.isLayerStarted(blockrenderlayer)) {
                    //thiz.postRenderBlocks(blockrenderlayer, x, y, z, generator.getRegionRenderCacheBuilder().getWorldRendererByLayer(blockrenderlayer), compiledchunk);
                    Util.callMethod1(thiz, "postRenderBlocks", blockrenderlayer, x, y, z, generator.getRegionRenderCacheBuilder().getWorldRendererByLayer(blockrenderlayer), compiledchunk);


        ReentrantLock lockCompileTask = Util.getField(thiz, "lockCompileTask");
        Set<TileEntity> setTileEntities = Util.getField(thiz, "setTileEntities");
        RenderGlobal renderGlobal = Util.getField(thiz, "renderGlobal");


        try {
            Set<TileEntity> set = Sets.newHashSet(lvt_10_1_);
            Set<TileEntity> set1 = Sets.newHashSet(setTileEntities);
            renderGlobal.updateTileEntities(set1, set);
        } finally {


Note: the lines


if (block == Blocks.GOLD_ORE) {
    L.d("Gold confirmed");


Correctly detect when I place a gold block in the targeted area, so I got that going for me at least.

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