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  1. Yes you did in your y for loop in FindBlock.
  2. When did you expect it to fire? It fires when a TileEntity is created. And it definitely fires. Also are you wanting to attach it to every TileEntity in the game because if you only want it on your TileEntities that is not how you do it.
  3. You should probably learn how. ASM is not supported on this forum. Mainly because there are typically ways to do whatever you want with just the Event System and Reflection. What are you trying to do from an end user perspective.
  4. Reflection is a Java feature we do not teach Java here, Google it.
  5. Which means I was wrong about it being a World instance when you need it to be.
  6. Also it can be null make sure it is not null before you use it.
  7. Well you always register every registry entry. You then use the config settings to prevent or allow the attainment of the Item/Block/Enchantment.
  8. Ah ok I didn't get that from the name, and didn't check either. Either way they still have to check for null.
  9. I'm not sure if this still works, but you might be able to cast the ILightReader to a World(do an instanceof check it can be null). Then if it is use World::getTileEntity and store your colors in the TileEntity.
  10. Use the RenderGameOverlayEvent.Post to draw on top of the screen. And RenderGameOverlayEvent.Pre to cancel specific parts of the HUD.
  11. Have you tried reading the readme? It has an example project.
  12. 1.12 is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support. For more information read the LTS at the top of the page.
  13. Does this file exist within your jar? Also its convention to do textures/item/texture.png nowadays.
  14. Yes you either need to run the "gradlew build" task in the terminal or via your IDE to build your mod. Because Minecraft is obfuscated and therefore your code too must be obfuscated to match the Minecraft obfuscation.
  15. No. Minecraft is a client only class. Use the World inside the Entity.
  16. Pass it in via the constructor. Probably instead of the ItemStackHandler.
  17. Yes because that is the name of the Enum in the code. The second string is supposed to be "modid:somename"
  18. Yes it is. ServerWorld::getSaveHandler and then SaveHandler::getWorldDirectory
  19. You call it directly and store it in a public static final field.
  20. It should be goal.getGoal() Also you cannot iterate and remove an entry. You will get a ConcurrentModificationException. Use an iterator.
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