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The crops dictionary

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I have noticed an increasingly large number of mods that add their own growables to the game. (That word is now my property via copyright law). Things such as fruits, like oranges, corn, barley, and other such things. I have also noticed that the kind of mods these are in range from tech-mods(xycraft) to magic/dimesnional mods (Lion King Mod) to simple newbie noobs mods (such as a food mod.)

This being the case, I can't see a way for the mod authors to come together to solve this issue by adding compatability between themselves.

For this, I think a dictionary similar to the forge ore dictionary should be added. It wouldn't have to be as vast as the ore dictionary, just require the most common items (which I will now list):











and Onions


I would really like to see mods use these interchangeably. It would just add another step toward the modding community making compatible mods. It wouldn't be major, but it would really help in some cases.

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