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[1.10.2] Something Went wrong setting up dev environment.


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Was just trying to setup the development environment for MC-Forge 1.10.2, but i think i might have messed something up. Was about to re-do the process but decided to ask here first if it's a known issue.


Version for forge: forge-1.10.2-

This is the problem:



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Re-run the setupDecompWorkspace and eclipse tasks.


That didn't work. Will re-download and try again tomorrow. Will post results. It is probably worth saying that i had a wrong JAVA_HOME variable when i ran gradle for the first time (the process did not finish) , i fixed that and ran it again. The process finished this time but it brought up this problem.

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Okay so, i deleted the old files and re-did the process. Process ran fine and there are no errors on eclipse except for this:




What does that mean exactly? I have the latest version of JRE and the latest version of JDK installed. Where is the build path determined?


Seems like everything is working like it should though. I can run both client and server, and the "example-mod" is there.

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Oh I remember something like this. YOu need to manually switch over to newer JDK otherwise it wants to use 1.6 due to Forge compatiblity?? So  build paths are in Project Properties java build path. You might have 1.6 added there. Add JRE 1.8 instead. I remember first time I made my project the build path had 1.6  so I had to add it manually. But funny enough second and third time I decomp workspace it did it automatically.

Disclaimer:  I been told to keep my opinions to myself, to shut up and that I am spreading lies and misinformation or even that my methods are unorthodox and or too irregular. Here are my suggestions take it or leave it.

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