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Help!! My modded Minecraft takes forever to load a world.

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Guys, can you help me? I have MC 1.7.10 and Forge For the first time i am playing with mods everything is normal, for the second times its normal too. But why at the third times the world loading takes forever and turn back me to tittle screen and nothing happen in 5 minutes!!! NOTE: At second times i playing my laptop is freezing and run out of batteries

Here mods i use:



CodeChicken core

CoFHCore 3.0.3-303

CustomMobSpawner 3.3.0

Mo Creatures 6.3.1

IchunUtil 4.2.3

Morph 0.9.3

NEIInterogation 1.0.12


Orespawn 20.3

Waila 1.5.10

Youtubers+ for MC 1.7.10 v1.7.1

Lucky Block 5-1-0


I really apreciate your help guys  :)

My Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/c/CaptainGamerIndonesia

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