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Looking for a way to render/export a model into a list of cubes


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I'm looking for a a program or an export plugin that will render a model i have in blender or xnalara into a list of cubes. it doesn't have to be free.


to explain a bit more, i'd start with a model (with textures and everything set up) of a structure or a part of it (column, pillar) or a humanoid figure, then, instead of rendering to a 2d image, i need rendering into a readable list of colored cubes, given max size in cubes (like pixelating a 2d image, except everything would be 3d).


afterwards, i can convert easily the output list to what i need for minecraft, that's not an issue. what i need is the rendering step.




so, does anyone have any experience with what i need?


i saw on youtube that some japanese guy made a map with huge statues of hatsune miku (frames of her dancing animation). unfortunately, the forum post is in moonspeak so i don't know how he did it.


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