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Best or Correct way to add to a dead entities Drops


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Now my old way of doing it was getting the entities drops list, changing it, then jamming it back it when it died aka "LivingDeathEvent"


However there is another event which looks a bit better "LivingDropsEvent"


But now there is this business of Loot Tables.


Is it still better to create my own loot manager to roll and calculate what item to drop and special Capabilities props

Or somehow attach my own custom lootTable to all entities that have my capability then apply special props changes on the items in the list.


I'd rather go the route of LivingDropsEvent and my own loot manager, as I've never dealt with the new Loot Table system at all. And my mod is to work with entities and items from vanilla and any other mod

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Logic is pretty complex


So I'll probably stick with the event handler.


As the Monster's Cap "Level" and "Is_boss" effects what's dropped, and how many items to drop

it then rolls for each "item" to drop if it's a resource (stick, glass bottle, redstone dust, glowstone, emerald, gold, etc) or equipment.

picking from lists with ranges (if monster level between x and y return resource/equipment list) then grabs a random one from the list.


repeats until all items are picked (there is also a fail chance, so if the monster could drop 6 it might drop only 2 items + default drop list (rotten flesh, bone, etc)

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Each bit sounds pretty straight forward. If I knew more I could probably encode it into a loot table modification.

(the tricky bit is writing your own loot conditions)

Or at least, enough to be able to copy/paste and modify a few values for the other items.

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Yeah I'm going with the Event for at least adding to killed mobs (by players) if I happen to add some items I'll have to look into  loot tables to at least add it to vanilla chests and the like.


Now it's just getting some of my randomness code to play nice, moving all this old crap code to 1.10.2 is quite the test. Now that I can see "I could do this better" as some of my systems where just downright poor (200+ line IF, ELSE IF blocks) making maintenance just a nightmare.

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