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[1.11] Slots Question


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Hey guys, right now im here about a question

So i want to restrict my input slot to only allow items/blocks that i specify, im just using plain Slot, would i have to create a new slot class and create my restrictions in there and use that slot, or am i able to still do this using the vanilla Slot. If its not too much to ask could i have an example of this being done?

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First of all, if you are using the plain


class you are doing something wrong, since you are not using


, but the outdated


. Please update. You can learn about capabilities here.


Once you did that you should now be using


which respects any restrictions you specify in your



All right done that but what about for my output as im using SlotFurnaceOutput, would i do the same thing?

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You use SlotItemHandler as well, probably a custom subclass so you can prevent players from inserting there.

iv switched over to IItemHandler

now a few thing i want to ask, iv implemented it on my TE, should i remove ISidedInventory?

another is if you have one could i get an example of IItemHandler being used to restrict items

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