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Using Forge and portal gun mod 1.2.5v1(reconstructed) Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/199391-125-portal-gun-reconstructed-v1-thermal-discouragement-beams/


So the game works FINE in terms of running. But the issue i am experiencing is;

when i grab a block using the "grab with gun" function it high lights the block but the block doesn't follow where i point the cursor too. but about 5 seconds later the block is right in front of me, or sometimes im even in the block.



Im guessing there's just some code missing between Modloader and FML. But what would i know, i don't do coding lol..


If someone could tell me if it just me, or is this a actual known problem that other people are experiencing.

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Wrong forum try the Portal Gun thread


Found in first post



Please note that I've been away, I'll be back soon! I am aware of the grabbing issues with newer forge builds. I'm working on it. I'm also backtracking old posts to find crash issues so this WILL take a while.

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