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  1. I had the same problem. You need to find where the script is compiled and deleted it. I believe it is in the build folder. If not there search your main .gradle cache file.
  2. Try using build not assemble Look in /build/lib/ for the reobfuscated jar
  3. Sounds like an Id overlap reconfigure your ids and try again
  4. It's most likely giving a nullpointerexception which means there are no registered ore/ingots by that name if there were (like from IC2 for example) you would not get any errors
  5. Is it possible to extend the block metadata by using tile entities? And if it is where would I be able to find out how to do it? EDIT: Been doing some reading on tile entities and it looks like I don't want to do this because it would take more and more memory to do something like this so I am going to stick with the standard 0-15 block meta (for now) Although I would still like to know how to do this if just in case the need to do this ever arises...
  6. How would I make it where my custom sapling would grow using bonemeal?
  7. Is there a way for to have an item be at its highest damage and not break?
  8. I got it working but one one recipe can use it... Any ideas?
  9. Try reinstalling everything that works for me alot
  10. It needs to be a fresh jar for some reason Forge's decomplier doesn't like any thing else (at least in my experience)
  11. As of 1.3.0 You NEED the server jar when installing Forge try installing it then try again
  12. We need: MC version MCP version Forge version and did you make sure you installed both Client and Server jars?
  13. Sorry for the late reply Here's the Code: Recipe using it: CraftingManager.getInstance().getRecipeList().add(new ShapelessDamageRecipe (new ItemStack(MultiWood), new Object[] {new ItemStack(Item.pickaxeWood, 1 , -1), new ItemStack(Item.shovelWood, 1 , -1), new ItemStack(Item.axeWood, 1 , -1), new ItemStack(Item.swordWood, 1 , -1),}));
  14. I got it to output an item but the item won't come out with any damage...
  15. is there a way to get the damage of the Items that go in to a recipe? I need it to help set my items damage value
  16. Instead of MCPatcher try MultiMC and you have to get a fresh jar in order to take forge off
  17. From what has been said on the forum it sounds like they can be used to modify base classes but I wanted to make sure
  18. What exactly are they and how do they fit in with modding?
  19. Go look at IronChest on GitHub look at the @Preinit part Found here: https://github.com/cpw/ironchest/blob/master/IronChests2/common/cpw/mods/ironchest/IronChest.java also go look at Helfull's Config/Prop file tutorial found here: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,614.msg4490.html#msg4490
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