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you could make the block have a metadata and by the metadata create a new MobSpawnerTileEntity and then do a

public void setMobID(String par1Str)


        this.mobID = par1Str;

    }//In MobSpawnerTileEntity

based on the metadat you could make a switch with the correct mobID to be placed

The Korecraft Mod

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just go in your block file and type this. and look through everything... that gives inspiration. also it is onBlock something so type this.onBlock and then go to your super class and find that method and copy it and Whalaa you are done

The Korecraft Mod

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In response to op:


Have an item ItemSpawner.class

When ItemSpawner.class is right clicked set a mob spawner and the mob type.

Decrease ItemSpawner stack size.


Because I'm a nice guy, here's some code :)


public class ItemSpawner extends Item{

public ItemSpawner(int par1) {
	maxStackSize = 64;

public boolean onItemUse(ItemStack par1ItemStack, EntityPlayer par2EntityPlayer, World par3World, int par4, int par5, int par6, int par7, float par8, float par9, float par10){
	par3World.setBlockWithNotify(par4, par5, par6, Block.mobSpawner.blockID);
     TileEntityMobSpawner spawner = (TileEntityMobSpawner)par1World.getBlockTileEntity(par3, par4, par5);

	if(spawner != null) {
		spawner.setMobID( *** String goes here (mobType) ***);

	if (!par2EntityPlayer.capabilities.isCreativeMode) {
	return false;

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Look, if you want US to make spawners FOR you, that's not going to happen.


Make a new block (basic tutorials EVERYWHERE)

copy ALL code needed for mobspawners and add the code necesairy to register the tile entity and what not.

you can even add metadata to your block, and in the block file, make a switch from that metadata ( switch(this.getMetadata) ) or something like that.

change the string for each case, add break points.


That's all you need. that's what i did to make a custom mob spawn in custom dungeons. it works just fine.

dont tell me it doesnt.


nuff said, and good luck !

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Still no help and you all think I want the code when I just want some help all I need are the snippets that do the spawning stuff because I have my block and or item. And I know how to code java with out learning it from reading the code so don't bug me on that.

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