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Custom Armor set in SMP


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I am making a mod that has its on custom armour set which works fine in Client. but when starting up a server it throws a http://pastebin.com/1nbV0bgt error.


When I try and use proxies like this


public static Item MoonHelmet = new MoonArmor(1000, MOON, proxy.addArmor("MOON"), 0).setIconCoord(0,0).setItemName("moonhelm") ;


CommonProxy.java(only part of it)

public int addArmor(String armor)
            return 0; 


ClientProxy.java(only part of it)

public int addArmor(String armor) {
            return RenderingRegistry.addNewArmourRendererPrefix(armor);

to make sure it only runs RenderingRegistry.addNewArmourRendererPrefix("MOON") in the client and otherwise returns 0. I get a http://pastebin.com/BhBgpz1J even when running client.


When I try and use hardcoded numbers like this


public static Item MoonHelmet = new MoonArmor(1000, MOON, 5 , 0).setIconCoord(0,0).setItemName("moonhelm") ;


Its all fine on both client and server(actually my armor isn't being rendered) untill i open my inventory when i see that armor is not rendered and i get this error in console.




Hopefully Someone will know what they are doing as I have searched through hundreds of pages and not found an answer.


If you need more of my code to fix then feel free to ask




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