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[1.4.7] MCHerds 1.0 - Making zombies scarier since 2012


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Primary forum link. May be ahead of information found here.



The basic premise of MCHerds is to add zero new items/blocks/mobs to the game, but make it more interesting though more AI options, and tweaking how things spawn. It will also function as an API for other modders who want their new mobs to participate in herding behaviors.


I've got a generalized framework in place that supports herds of arbitrary creatures across multiple dimensions. Right now I've got cows, pigs, chickens, sheep or zombies trying to stick together (not cross-species). Entire herds of cows or sheep stampede when any is injured, collectively follow players with food, and slowly reproduce on their own if there's enough. Pigs and chickens do the same, but are less organized about running away. When one zombie in a group spots you, you'll draw the lot of them. Finally, hordes of zombies occasionally spawn instead of the just the typical 1-4.


It requires Forge to run, but client's don't need MCHerds to play on servers running it, just Forge.



http://bit.ly/11RwVug (dropbox)



http://bit.ly/11Rx013 (dropbox)


Demo video:





Just drop in in your Forge [471+] mods folder.


Version 1.0 is here. Please submit your feedback.


Suggestions are always welcome.



This mod may be used or modified without my express permission in any other mod/pack where profit is not gained. I only ask that you credit me for my work, and let me know that it's being used.

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MCHerds has been updated to v0.3. New in this version is automatic animal herd breeding (see OP for more details) and support for multiple species to herd together.


I'm currently trying to sort out how to force MC to spawn mobs above the spawn limit (for zombie hordes).

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Version 0.5 out now.


Pigs now also herd. They function like cows, except they reproduce more readily and don't all panic if one is injured.

Herd luring now works similarly to zombie hordes chasing you (minus the murdering you if they catch you part).

Configuration options have been improved. Most aspects of this mod are change/disable-able via config options now.


At this point, MCHerds nearly has all the features it needs for version 1.0. I expect v0.7 to be the same thing as 1.0, minus a little bit of stability testing. So, if anyone can try this out for a couple of days, possibly with other mods even, let me know whether or not it crashes  for you (I need to know about not crashing too), I would appreciate it and it would help the release cycle.

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Ha! Not quite how I'd work that one from a technical standpoint without them seeing through walls, but I'll give it some thought.


In other news, Version 0.6 is up now:


New this time are:

Herding for sheep and chickens.

Improved stampede behaviors. They are the default mode of panic for cows and sheep, but are toggle-able for all passive mobs, causing them to revert to the old cow-herd style of panic.


Again, with version 1 right around the corner, I would appreciate getting all the testers I can. This should be compatible with 1.4.7 forge FTB packs. Tell your friends.

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Fresh off the press, MCHerds 0.7:

Now small herds will slowly wander towards larger herds within a radius.

Two new config options are in relating to the new mechanic.

And finally a slight overhaul to most of the default configuration values.

And of course, configuration file typos have been corrected. Please check you config file for changes.

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Yes, that's a playability issue right now. You probably want to check out the config file and reduce the min/max herd sizes, and increase the time scales. I'm working on balancing that for the next release.


Do you know what the default spawn times are or how I can find them?

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