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build keeps spinning at "remapping source..."


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debug dump at https://1drv.ms/t/s!AqTWbM9NKFyOrSmxDfI5TIOACLr_


I'm trying to build a fork of Greymerk's Roguelike Dungeons but it keeps stalling at



remapping source...


It has one core pegged out at max, and after several attempts I let it run overnight, but it's still sitting there and I have no signs of progress.


I've tried groveling over the debug dump but there's nothing obviously awry (not that I'm familiar with gradle's internals anyways). Where do I go from here for troubleshooting?


EDIT: I should note I've tried a clean and setupDecompWorkspace again (and again and again), and even a cleanCache. No particular change in behavior.

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For the next person with this problem:


I've found a solution (thanks Greymirk!)


in your build.gradle, in the minecraft {} section, add "

makeObfSourceJar = false



So, mine looks like this:


minecraft {
    version = "1.11.2-"
    runDir = "run"
   mappings = "snapshot_20170120"
   makeObfSourceJar = false


Now, if you needed the obfuscated source JAR this isn't going to help you. But if you DIDN'T (and I don't even know what that's for, so I don't) this will make the problem go away.

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