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[FORGE - 1.4.6] Sonic Screwdriver [V1.0.0] - Minecraft's first true multi-tool.


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With the rapid increase in tech mods lately, a tool capable of interacting with all mods, and all vanilla mechanics, seems necessary these days. To answer the unspoken call for such a tool, I give you the Sonic Screwdriver. Modeled after the 11th Doctor's trusty tool, this mod attempts to bring a true multi-tool experience to all the fans of Minecraft. How do I do this you ask? Well, read through the sections below.


What is this?:


Simple, it's a true multi-tool. I've designed this mod in such a way that the capabilities of this tool are virtually limitless, only bound by the imagination of modders. What's this mean you ask? Well, there's more on that below in the Modding section. If you're just the average Minecraft player, suffice it to say, this tool is awesome!



Newbies Guide to Use:


It all starts and ends with the screwdriver. Simply craft one, charge it up, and be amazed at it's power.



Crafting it is simple. Follow the simple recipe below, and before you know it, you'll be the owner of your very own Sonic Screwdriver.



Recipe. Diamond equals Emerald.


As a gift to you from me, the screwdriver starts out fully charged. But every time you use it, the internal battery will drain, eventually requiring it to be recharged.



The charging station currently doesn't have a texture. If you're good at that sort of thing, and want to send me one, feel free. If I use it, you will be credited.


Once you've finally drained the screwdriver's battery, you'll want to invest in a charging station. Not only will it charge your screwdriver back up, it will also allow you to change the frequency at which the screwdriver operates, allowing you to use the tool for different things.



Recipe. Diamond equals Emerald. Redstone equals IC2 battery.


Yes, this mod does require IC2, which is currently the only method of power for the charging station. (See modding section below for alternatives).


Once you've placed down your charging station, and hooked it up to power, you can open it and place your screwdriver inside. Once placed, you'll be able to see the screwdriver's current power, as well as information about the currently selected frequency. The plus and minus buttons along the right will allow you to change the frequency, to access different modes. (GUI is a work in progress. It'll become more intuitive in the future).





This is the part I'm most excited about, and the part that took the longest. All the important bits of this mod are packaged up in a separate API download. With this API, you can easily add your own modes to the screwdriver, thus allowing it to work with other mods. Or just be imaginative, and create your own unique mode. The API should be well documented enough, but ask if you have questions.


The API includes the necessary files for adding modes, and for modifying the screwdrivers current charge, allowing modders to create their own charging stations that interface with other power sources. You will also have access to the code behind setting the screwdriver frequency, if you feel like making an alternate method for changing that.


The entire source for both this mod and the API can also be found here.





Currently there's only one mode, and it comes by default, made by me.


Frequency 0: Rotate Block. Rotates the selected block (if rotatable) upon right click.





You must shift-click to get the screwdriver out the charging station again. Currently trying to fix.





FlakTheMighty - Sonic Screwdriver Texture




Forge Build

IC2 Beta v1.112



Download (Direct)

API (Direct)


Please report any bugs you find, but be smart, and read your error reports first!

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