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Adding a startup message for a mod?


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Hey there!


Some of the mods out there (i.e More Creeps And Weirdos & Singleplayer Commands) adds a sort of a startup message upon entering a world/server saying:


"More creeps and weirdos loaded, version x.xx.xx" Or something.


I want this for my mod aswell, and I was wondering, How would I add it?


If this wouldn't work, I'd like to code a mod/find a mod which is sort of like a MOTD mod with bukkit - Upon login you're presented with the MOTD, what the time is, and who's online.


I'd be very thankful if you were to find a way for me to do this.


Thanks! /Falling

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Create a tickHandler called on client side, create an int, then checks if the int is 0, the world its not null, and the player its not null, u send a message to him, for a mod that im developing i use this,

client side tick handler



public void tickStart(EnumSet<TickType> type, Object... tickData)



if(DiverseCraft.ticksPassed == 0 && Minecraft.getMinecraft().theWorld != null && Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer != null)











then if has updates availables, its says a msg, if not, its says other message that i can customiza, on the dropbox (where i hosted the files)

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