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Hook for PotionEffect(Resolved)


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I am a mod maker who has run into some issues with making a hook that activates when a player is hit with a splash potion of ANY type. I would like to see a dedicated hook that is fired when potions splash on entities.


If there is another possible way to do this without editing a base class, please inform me ASAP.



Here's some code I came up with...


private boolean checkRecentPotions()


    EntityPlayer pl = Mod_Main.mc.thePlayer;

    AxisAlignedBB var1 = AxisAlignedBB.getBoundingBox(pl.posX - 4.5D, pl.posY - 5.0D, pl.posZ - 4.5D, pl.posX + 4.5D, pl.posY + 2.0D, pl.posZ + 4.5D);


    ArrayList potionList = (ArrayList) Mod_Main.mc.theWorld.getEntitiesWithinAABB(EntityPotion.class, var1);


    for(int i = 0;i < potionList.size();i++)


    EntityPotion var4 = (EntityPotion) potionList.get(i);


    double tv1 = pl.posX;

double tv2 = pl.posY;

double tv3 = pl.posZ;

double tv4 = var4.posX;

double tv5 = var4.posY;

double tv6 = var4.posZ;


                        //distance variable if wanted

double distance = Math.sqrt(this.sq(tv1 - tv4) + this.sq(tv2 - tv5) + this.sq(tv3 - tv6);






    return true;



return false;


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