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updateEntity() doesn't work =(


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Hi everyone, can someone please tell me exactly how does it works the function

updateEntity()??  I'm programming a custom furnace with two slot for the ingrediente, a slot for the fuel, and obviously the output slot. I made the function cook() which simply check if is possible to cook, and in that case it remove the ingredients and put the output in the output slot, but shoud I put the cook() in updateEntity()? if i do so, it crash with the error: "Ticking tile entity".


Can someone explain where is my error please? =)



public boolean canCook()
	if (this.siliciumFurnaceItemStacks[1].stackSize > 0 && this.siliciumFurnaceItemStacks[2].stackSize > 0 && this.siliciumFurnaceItemStacks[3].stackSize > 0)
		return true;
	else return true;

public void cook()
	ItemStack item;

	if (canCook() == true) 
		for (int i = 0; i <=2; i++){

		this.siliciumFurnaceItemStacks[3] = new ItemStack(Item.diamond, 1);


public void updateEntity()


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