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MaxedGaming Server Tools: Forge LogBlock with Mysql, Vanish, WorldDrops


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Hey guys,


Just a short introduction for a mod package that I have working on our main server at the moment and getting ready for release, I am developing this package with the only purpose of trying to maintain a lag free server and seeing what is going on (what players are doing).


Forge LogBlock with Mysql Credit also goes to KeepCalm for his blockBreak API


The Forge LogBlock will enable you to see who built what on your server. Each time a player places or breaks a block an entry will be made into your database from which you can then check who placed or destroyed the blocks around you





/logblock placed <radius>

/logblock destroyed <radius>


We will be looking into developing a rollback function like we are used to in bukkit but for now we will be looking into accurately saving and retrieving the data before we start messing around with rolling back the world


This is a screenshot of it what the output currently looks like:


width=655 height=462http://maxedgaming.com/forum/download/file.php?id=2512[/img]


Forge WorldDrops Remove

This mod was essential to us in keeping a lag free server while running industrialization mods, You have probably ran into the issue of overflowing quarries a number of times. This mod enables you to display how many drops are currently lagging up your server, You may be surprised by the number the first time you use this.


This mod will show you how many drops are currently in the world but also the coordinates of each drop which allows you to go investigate who is causing havok and lagging up your server. You can also choose to remove all drops from the world in one go.





/worldDrops show

/worldDrops remove


We ware planning on sorting the locations where the most drops are in future to make it easier to see where a high number of drops are lying around your world. This is only for the main world.


Forge Vanish


The classic invisibility mod in forge. Stalk players on your server to see what they are up to, Helps quite alot when someone new joins the server who wants to just cause trouble.




/vanish on

/vanish off


Please take note: You will only be invisible, Right now you can still be heard/hit by a player so be careful when stalking as they could end up hearing you. This only works in the main world.



Reason I am linking off to that 1 topic is because I have 3-4 different topics on various minecraft forums and its alot easier just updating 1 topic with the latest info!


Looking forward to your feedback.

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