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I wrote this tutorial on making an ANT build script for Forge/MCP:



This tutorial is about creating an ANT build script to easily produce .zip's of your mod.


Step 1: Install ANT. On Mac/Linux, it should be already installed, but on Windows, you need to download it from http://ant.apache.org/bindownload.cgi.


Step 2: Create a file build.xml in your Forge workspace (/forge, not /forge/mcp). If you have your code in a Github repository elsewhere in the hierarchy, put it there, I will tell you how to make it work later.


Step 3: Fill build.xml with these contents, and edit anywhere that has {STUFF}.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

<project name="{NAME}" basedir="{Root direcotry, use ../'s to move up to the Forge workspace if you use a Github repository that is elsewhere.}" default="build">

<target name="build">

	<delete dir="build" />
	<delete dir="mcp/reobf" />

	<mkdir dir="build" />

	<exec executable="recompile.bat" dir="mcp" resolveexecutable="true" osfamily="windows"></exec>

	<exec executable="reobfuscate.bat" dir="mcp" resolveexecutable="true" osfamily="windows"></exec>

	<exec executable="recompile.sh" dir="mcp" resolveexecutable="true" osfamily="unix"></exec>

	<exec executable="reobfuscate.sh" dir="mcp" resolveexecutable="true" osfamily="unix"></exec>

	<copy todir="build">

		<fileset dir="mcp/reobf/minecraft" excludes=".git/**" />
		<fileset dir="mcp/src/minecraft/{PATH TO PACKAGE}">

			<exclude name=".git/**"/>
			<exclude name="**/*.java"/>
			<exclude name="**/*.xml"/>



	<zip destfile="build/{NAME OF ZIP}.zip">

		<fileset dir="build" />





Step 4: To run this script, run the command 'ant' in the directory it is located.

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