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Sending Packet from Server to Client


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Hey Diesieben, so I lied. I actually do need help. I reverted my repository to before I deleted the packet message. The links above should work as intended now.


Basically my problem is that I'm changing something in the container (which is server side obviously) and then I send a packet to do the same client side. For some reason the message isn't changing it client side.

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Honestly I made this original packet system early on when I started modding so if its broken and weird I suppose its time I remake it.

  •  I wasn't aware this was bad practice, I will fix this.
  • Wasn't sure what to use when sending to client
  • The packet isn't working because when I use a test to check the variable its true on the server but false on the client.
  • As I stated before, I will redo how Im handing packet messages.

I suppose I get ride of the current system now, re add it a cleaner way and get back to you if it's still broken, Thanks for the input.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I know its been awhile but I've been rather busy. Alright I broke each packet into its own class as you said but now whenever the game tries to send one of my packets it breaks and spouts out issues but I don't quite understand what the problem is.


Log when problem occurs: http://pastebin.com/KNMc92qr


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