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Making a player follow another in multiplayer


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Create a player handler that keeps track of each player. Then when a player is told to follow have the handler take over movement for the player. In which you'll have to tell it to change direction, and velocity.


I would tell you more but i've not made a player handler myself. As for changing the direction and velocity you need to get the player and simple tell it to rotate X degrees and increase or decrease by X velocity.


look at a few things in here for some help. This mod manages the player to provide jump, fly, and run assist. https://github.com/MachineMuse/MachineMusePowersuits/tree/master/src/minecraft/net/machinemuse/powersuits

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thanks for the help it is much appreciated.


I will have a look at the mod.


Don't suppose you know of any tutorials.



Yikes, i don't really understand much of that. :(


Here my thoughts


I could use


String playerS = "playername";
             MinecraftServer var1 = MinecraftServer.getServer();
             EntityPlayerMP entityplayermp = var1.getConfigurationManager().getPlayerForUsername(playerS);


to find the player




entityplayermp.playerNetServerHandler.setPlayerLocation(entityplayermp3.posX, entityplayermp3.posY, entityplayermp3.posZ, entityplayermp3.rotationYaw, entityplayermp3.rotationPitch);


to move the player to the right spot (but that doesn't do head rotation too right)?


But I don't know how to call this every tick, just once with an icommand.

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