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forge wont let me load worlds


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New to the forums, dont expect a otn of posts, i only post on forums when i need something, and right no wi need ot know why forge wont let me load worlds!


So i installed the latest verison of forge, jsut like i have a thousand times in the past, then proceeded to instal my mods, one at a time, loading minecraft everytime i put one on to make sure they worked together.  Then finally when i got to the end of my list (about 25 or so according to forges in game counter), i tried ot load a world, it froze at loading world/building terrain.


So i proceeded to remove mods, one at a time, reloading, and creating a new world... Didnt work, in any combination of mods, finally i nuked all my mods, all but forge.  then tried to load a world... Still refused to go past building terrain.


So... Why wont forge let me create, or load, a world?



Also, typing in a verification code AND answering a random question to do anythging and everything here is EXTREMELY ANNOYING...

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